The Exclusive 5-Star Worldwide Experience
at California Plaza

Get ready to work on a whole new level—California Plaza is now home to the nationally acclaimed 5-Star Worldwide tenant experience.

5-Star Worldwide is a culture-oriented workplace platform built on game-changing perks and privileges—like dynamic co-working spaces, next-level tenant service and enhanced workplace mobility.

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5-Star Connect
At California Plaza

California Plaza gives you access to 5-Star Worldwide workplaces and amenities in major cities across the country.

Visiting Dallas, Chicago or Boston on business? As a member of the nationwide 5-Star Connect network, you’ll always have a place to plug in, a conference room to book for a meeting or a gym to hit for your afternoon workout.

5-Star Facilities
across the country
5-Star Connect

5-Star Service
At California Plaza

At California Plaza, we see to it that every little detail—large or small—is always taken care of.

Meet Your
5-Star Manager

Nancy Le
5-Star Manager
+1 925 287 9600

Engage your 5-Star Manager for full-time assistance with anything that can be planned, coordinated or arranged… and never sweat the small stuff again.

5-Star Conference Center reservations
Specialty events/ networking programs
Theater and concert tickets
Meeting planning assistance
Travel and dining reservations
Catering and vendor coordination
Corporate/personal gifts

MORE SERVICES offered at California Plaza:

  • Monthly happy hours, holiday parties and other tenant socials
  • Dry cleaning/laundry lockers serviced by Martinizing&tm; Delivers Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Valet parking
  • FedEx/UPS drop-off
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5-Star Shared Spaces
At California Plaza

Gather up, collaborate and bring ideas to life—whether it’s over lunch, a team huddle or a midday workout. Inside or out.

5-Star Conference Center
5-Star Conference Center
  • Tech-equipped conference rooms for meetings or presentations
  • Collaborative co-working spaces
  • Full-service catering kitchen
  • Versatile spaces available for company events
5-Star Outdoor Plaza
5-Star Outdoor Plaza
  • Covered and sunlit seating
  • Recreational areas, including a bocce ball court
  • Open-air conference rooms and breakout areas
  • Ideal for outdoor meetings, casual lounging or lunch breaks
2,200-Sq.-Ft. Fitness Center
2,200-Sq.-Ft. Fitness Center
  • Athletic-grade cardio machines
  • Strength training equipment and free weights
  • Shower/locker facilities
Murphy’s Deli On-Site
Murphy’s Deli On-Site
  • Hot and cold menu options for breakfast and lunch
  • Seated or on-the-go dining
  • Catering availability